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Pasta Production Lines
Built and Automated for Perfection

compression screw for pasta extruder


New installation for AXOR in India: our 2200 Kg/h E.N.A. Short-Cut Line sold to Rakesh Group

Axor made the sale of a 2200 Kg/h E.N.A. Short-Cut Line to Rakesh Group in India. Our technologically advanced equipment will allow them to produce any type of short-cut pasta by the use of any kind of raw materials. Stay updated with us for more news to come on LinkedIn.

Pasta “Le Stagioni d'Italia”, produced by AXOR machines, won the first prize as Best Food Product of 2020

We took part into the success of pasta Le Stagioni d'Italia, which won the first prize as Best Food Product of 2020 : this pasta is indeed produced with our equipments, E.N.A. Short-Cut Line and L.P.L. Multi-Tier Long-Cut Line. Stay updated with us on LinkedIn.

Who we are

Axor offices and workshop

Axor, for more than 30 years, has been one of the leading companies in the engineering, manufacturing and installation of equipment for the Food industry.
Axor is located in Cento – Italy, in a modern production plant fitted with the most innovative machinery. Such equipment includes laser-cutting systems, machining centers, robotized and computerized welding machines fitted with CAM controls.

What we do

spaghetti during the production process

Axor engineers, manufactures and installs Pasta Lines (Short-Cut, Long-Cut and Special Shapes Pasta), Couscous Lines, Instant Pasta Lines, Quick Cook Pasta Lines, Asiatic Noodle Lines, Gluten Free Pasta Lines, Pellet and Snacks Dryer and Spare Parts for all the Pasta Plant.
Axor has installed over 150 lines and equipment all over the world, from Italy, all of Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
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