L.P.L. Monotier Long-Cut Pasta Line

The best balance between technology, easiness and production/maintenance costs saving. The T.V.S. press (Total Vacuum System) and the use of high temperatures allow to achieve excellent quality pasta despite the use of poor quality raw material.
Monotier long-cut pasta plant
spaghetti pasta plant flow diagram


The most important features of this equipment are the TURBOMIX technology and the low-speed of extrusion, which is achieved thanks to the high-efficiency compression screws: these characteristics allow to obtain a very homogenous dough. The press can be fitted either with Total Vacuum System or traditional technology.

Press assembly
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Mixing tanks with vacuum airlock
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The die head is placed under the mixing tanks and above the spreader
Die head
Stainless steel shafts and paddles


This equipment allows a homogeneous spreading of the Long-Cut Pasta on 2550 mm sticks. It is provided with an automatic system for fresh scraps recovery and a pneumatic conveying system to the press.

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Detail of the spreader
Long-cut spreader

Pre-Dryer, Dryer and Cooler

The surface of the Long-Cut Pasta is pre-dried, with a continuous hot air flow, to prepare the product for the subsequent drying phase.

Thanks to the MONOTIER technology, a succession of ventilation phases and off phases occurs with the maximum simplicity, completely controlled by automatic systems of thermohygroregulation.

The cooler, which features an heat exchanger entirely made of stainless steel, allows to lower the temperature of Long-Cut Pasta and make it suitable for storage and / or packaging.

Detail of the sticks

Buffer and Stripper

With a storage capacity of approximately 30-35 minutes, the buffer makes possible to store LongCut Pasta on sticks before the stripper, to compensate possible short shutdowns of the packaging system.

The stripper automatically removes the sticks and cuts the pasta to the length required for the next phase of packaging.

Long-cut stripper
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The cutting blades inside the stripper
Long-cut stripper

Process automation

ARS (AxorOcrim Remote Service) is the automation and supervision system completely developed by Axor Ocrim.

Automation with ARS

Capacity and dimensions

spaghetti production line dimensions
Output capacity (Kg/h) Press Spreader Line composition H (mm) L1 (mm) L2 (mm)
1000 1.210.L 2550 ST.AX-1 LPL-M + Buffer 7700 33200 38700
1500 1.210.L 2550 ST.AX-2 LPL-M + Buffer 7700 42800 49200