Rice line

The automatic ROTAXOR line is suitable to dry  Quick Cook rice.

The rotary drum, together with the constant internal ventilation of the sectors, assures an homogenuous rice drying.

The complete Rotaxor lines consist of:

  • Self-adjustable feet allowing to level machines to any type fo floors.
  • The supporting frames is completely realised in carpentry and stainless steel sheet in order to assure stability and a longer life to the whole plant.
  • The rotary drum consists of  24 sectors and is completely manufactured in stainless steel.
  • Double motors for two separated rims realized by inverter controlled gear motors to avoid possible twisting.
  • Possibility to divide the machine into different temperature/humidity regulation areas controlled by Rotronic probes.
  • The electrical axial fans are situated in the upper part of the drum and are equipped with special electric motors suitable for high temperatures and aluminium die casting blades  with an high air flow.
  • High performing heating coils with flanged connections UNI 2282.
  • High density fiberglass panels covered by stainless steel plates in their internal side and silicon gaskets.
  • Hydraulic system complete with 3-ways pneumatic valve, pump, by-pass, valve, gauges and thermometers.
  • Air exchange system realized by channels and stainless steel butterfly valve complete with electrical expeller fans and intake electrical fans with pre-heating coils.
  • Stairs and banisters to reach the machine roof  manufactured according to international safety rules.
  • Electric panel for control and automation by means of a plc  and supervision software on a personal computer.
  • Data trasmission assistance.

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