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Pasta Production Lines
Built and Automated for Perfection


Commissioning and Start-up in Germany

AXOR has recently completed all the testing activities of 2000 kg/h Short-Cut Pasta Line related to its Commissioning and Start-Up: the Line can officially start producing all types of Short-Cut Pasta shapes! Follow our news on Linked-In, Facebook and Instagram.

Sale of 1200 kg/h Couscous Line in Algeria

AXOR's R&D constantly works to analyse the needs of our clients e to find the perfect customized solution for each of them. In this case, we have realized a project in Algeria designing for our client a
1200 kg/h Couscous Line. Another sale and another satisfaction for AXOR.Follow our news on Linked-In, Facebook and Instagram.

Who we are

AXOR is one of the leading companies all around the world in the engineering, manufacturing, and installation of equipment for the production of dry pasta (short-cut pasta and long-cut pasta, special shaped pasta, couscous, instant pasta, quick cook pasta, Asiatic noodle, gluten-free pasta), pellet and snacks.
The company is located in Cento, Italy, in a modern production plant fitted with the most innovative machinery and represents a tailor-made solution provider, as adapts the standard production lines to Customers’ requirements also depending on their needs in terms of space at their facilities. Since the company was founded in 1990, more than 150 pasta lines and equipment were designed and installed all over the world.
AXOR offers complete turn-key pasta manufacturing line projects, including packaging systems, raw material filling systems, storage, erection, installation, and commissioning as well as after-sales services and spare parts.

Additional services

AXOR Spare Parts

Website devoted to AXOR Spare Parts is live.
All spares AXOR can provide are collected in a single additional platform, organised into categories split by brand and machines.
You can find our whole range of Spare Parts on Depart too.